Italy: the administration on a geolocalized social network and an Open data license

November 2nd, 2010
MiaAP, State geolocalised social network

The Italian ministry for public administration and innovation has announced the launch of a geolocalised social service focused on Italian public services and administration. Called MiaPA for Mia Publica Amministrazione (My public administration in Italian), this project combines a geolocalized social networks called Mobnotes with the list of all public services in Italy (100 000 addresses). Like in an other traditionnal geolocalised social networks like Foursquare, it is possible to “check-in” the public services that are close to you from the mobile application, to inform your network that you are there. Users can also leave comments and appreciations on the public services they use.

The implementation of all the public services’ addresses in this social network is one of the first use of the Italian Open data license, which grants “free and cost-free access to the data to extract, reproduce, and re-use the data by any party for any purpose”.

The Italian Open Data License, V0.1 is open for feedback, is compliant with Creative Commons 2.5, and the Data Commons.

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